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Posting Bi-Weekly

I will be posting on this blog every two weeks now.  National Novel Writing Month was a weekly thing.  I can not think of something interesting to write about every week hence the biweekly updates.  I hope everyone understands.  There will be posts about my stories soon.

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World Building and Researching Part 1

Researching In addition to finishing my first rough draft for my story, I have started world building.  One of my first posts on this website discussed that the setting of my story will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the United States.  Although I have lived near that area since 1993, there is still a […]

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Cleaning Up the Spam and Thank You For Your Time

I spent a good amount of time a few days ago cleaning up the spam on my website.  This is just a reminder to anyone that wants to post a link to some e commerce or scam website, there comment will not be seen unless I improve the comment.  If someone who actually wants to […]

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Moving Beyond National Novel Writing Month (November)

  Today is January the first, 2014 and I hope that everyone has had a Happy New Year.  I am still writing my novel beyond the 50,000 word goal.  Part of my writing process has me writing some parts of my story in my notebook, some parts in a writing app on my iPhone, and […]

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Making Time for Writing

I wanted to discuss some of the difficulties that I am having right now. 1. I have ADD when it comes to writing my stories: I have a tendency to get bored of my work after writing the same story for some time.  The solution to this, is for me to write another story at […]

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