Making Time for Writing

I wanted to discuss some of the difficulties that I am having right now.

1. I have ADD when it comes to writing my stories:

I have a tendency to get bored of my work after writing the same story for some time.  The solution to this, is for me to write another story at the same time.  This leads to me either ending my writer’s block for my main story or me making similar characters for both works.  I am starting to get the hang of making a variety of different personalities for characters but the issue is still there.

2. My job does not allow me to write, easily.

I am currently getting out of training for my current job.  The company stresses that I can not be a second late for work or any of my breaks.  The lunch room takes more than five minutes for me to walk to and thus, I need to handle my time wisely.  People often sit with me and talk to me during breaks.  Writing in front of them is just awkward.


I have began writing my secondary story in the mornings when I have ample amounts of free time before leaving for work.  This beats me laying down in bed for an hour or so. I find myself going to work happier this way.  When I get home, I write my main story for an hour.  On my off days, I write both stories for as long as I want.

This solution has made things easier for me.

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