Summary Rough Draft

So far, I have tooken out some characters and added new ones.  Surprisingly, I went with elves as another race in my ebook.  I love elves just as much as I love merpeople.  Don’t worry, my elves are not the land type.  For those wanting something a little different from the typical elves, my elves way of life revolves around the water, as well as using blood as thier fuel for their magic.

More like travelers and dealers, they have a queendom but most elves travel and charge a hefty price when giving out advice or offering their services for protection.  One of my elves,

Devante is trying to get his customer Parzifal to pay on time.

Devante will cut off the barrier if Parzifal doesn’t pay on time. The barrier keeps the witches out of Parzifal’s and a part of Devante’s territory. Devante does desire to settle a score with a witch which drained a few years from his life.

The elf may use Parzifal to exact his revenge on the current witches who migrated near his territory.





Just a short summary for one of my characters.

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