Becoming a Second Time Ebook Author: Editing The Second Draft

I’m very excited to start working on my second draft for my second ebook. One of my biggest mistakes I had with my first ebook (A Life For A Purse on Amazon Kindle) was designing the cover image after finishing A Life For a Purse’s story. This lead to some issues while trying to have my first ebook formatted through

I finished the first draft of my second story and I grabbed stock images for future cover. I will touch up on designing an ebook cover in later posts. Right now, I printed out all of my second ebook’s story. I was surprised to see how many pages I had already typed. The ebook will have more pages then I thought it would.

Even though I’m still trying to switch to digital only, printing out the whole story on paper makes editing easier for me. Since this is a fantasy story, I need to world build a bit better. I will need to draw a map in edition to making my characters’ personalities make sense.

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