My Second Ebook is Coming Along Nicely

My second ebook will be a fantasy/romance m/m story. An unicorn’s blood will play a huge role in this story. When someone bathes in the blood of an unicorn, they feel physically and mentally better. If they have been wounded, then those wounds heal instantly.

I am adding more chapters for the protagonist’s (Ferris) love interest. I feel that Paine’s points of views adds a lot to the story. This story is on it’s second draft. I am altering some parts of the rough draft for the second draft.

For some reason, I can not write inside of my house. I barely type anything in Scrivener and I stare at the screen for a very long time. When I’m at Starbucks or the library, I type and type as long as the building is open to the public.

The benefits to writing in any coffee shop is that the baristas understand that you are working, there are other creative people present, and there’s a constant change of scenery. It is crazy how many words I am able to put on paper when I decide to leave the house.

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