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Moving Beyond National Novel Writing Month (November)

  Today is January the first, 2014 and I hope that everyone has had a Happy New Year.  I am still writing my novel beyond the 50,000 word goal.  Part of my writing process has me writing some parts of my story in my notebook, some parts in a writing app on my iPhone, and […]

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Making Time for Writing

I wanted to discuss some of the difficulties that I am having right now. 1. I have ADD when it comes to writing my stories: I have a tendency to get bored of my work after writing the same story for some time.  The solution to this, is for me to write another story at […]

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Winning National Novel Writing Month

Last month was the ever so popular National Novel Writing Month.  Each participant had the chance to reach the goal of writing 50,000 words.  I started participating in National Novel Writing Month  around the second week of November.  There was a lot of time sitting at home, turning down friends who wanted to hang out, […]

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Networking and National Writing Month

Getting Tips in Unlikely Places So last week was Nekocon, an anime convention.  At the end of a panel titled “How to Make Your Geek Job a Reality”, I had the opportunity to share with the panelists the websites I have created.  While I was there at the anime convention to promote websites not titled […]

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Writing Myself to Sleep

  I have been writing while following a schedule to the best I can for some time now.  For some reason I lack the skills to type my story directly into Microsoft Word.  When writing on paper, I find my words come out a lot easier.  When I open up Microsoft Word, without preparing anything […]

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So some of you might think that this was an abandoned website but as of today’s post, indieauthortiffany.com is alive and well.  There are many reasons for this website to not have many posts and the two main reasons are writer’s block and the fact that I write on paper 90 percent of the time. […]

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Setting a Writing Schedule

  For a while, I have been getting into the habit of writing.  Of course the most common and cliched advice I have ever heard was to begin writing at least thirty minutes a day.  Making myself put a pencil to the paper and force myself to write for thirty minutes helped me develop a habit and a schedule. Without […]

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Getting Ideas for Setting

I found I was missing an important element of writing a story when trying to write an idea for a Fantasy ebook.  I had the characters, conflict, and general outline of the story figured out.  When I put my pencil against my notebook paper, I realized I somehow forgot to figure out the setting of […]

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Indie Author Tiffany Facebook Page

  I decided to make a Facebook page in order to connect with people who love using Facebook. There will be updates on the status of my electronic books, when I am writing, and how I go about writing. Those that wish to follow me on Facebook please click here or use this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Indie-Author-Tiffany/353695661402247

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Indie Author Tiffany

I am an independent author looking to start her writing career with electronic books focused on the Fantasy genre.  Sometimes I may put a bit of romance in my ebooks but the main focus is still Fantasy.  I could write complementary  historical, urban, or medieval fantasy.  There is no telling what my first book will be about  at the […]

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