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06/24/2016 Writing Update

I have started kicking procrastination to the curb.  This makes me very happy.  Everyday, I am writing 500 words a day.  I have started setting a schedule for myself.  Hopefully, I can release this ebook this year and see where it will take me. In my next post, I will be writing about some really […]

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I Finally Got A Deadline for the First Rough Draft

Nanowrimo sent me an email telling that some of my Nanowrimo rewards will expire by the end of this month.  I spent a lot of hours writing that book last November.  Most of June will be dedicated to putting together all of my drafts and sending the drafts off to be turned put into a […]

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Bi-Weekly Posting

Bi-Weekly Posting  Hello guys.  I just received a temporary job a few weeks ago.  The job will end sometime in November.  I haven’t been posting much on this blog but I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things.  In order to make things less complicated, I have decided to continue posting […]

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Ignoring Spam Comments

I know I do not post to this website as much as I should.  My other websites get a lot more attention than this website.  Whenever I get a comment, I do get email updates.  I am always checking my email around every waking hour of the day.  If I see a comment that does […]

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Posting Bi-Weekly

I will be posting on this blog every two weeks now.  National Novel Writing Month was a weekly thing.  I can not think of something interesting to write about every week hence the biweekly updates.  I hope everyone understands.  There will be posts about my stories soon.

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Cleaning Up the Spam and Thank You For Your Time

I spent a good amount of time a few days ago cleaning up the spam on my website.  This is just a reminder to anyone that wants to post a link to some e commerce or scam website, there comment will not be seen unless I improve the comment.  If someone who actually wants to […]

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Indie Author Tiffany Facebook Page

  I decided to make a Facebook page in order to connect with people who love using Facebook. There will be updates on the status of my electronic books, when I am writing, and how I go about writing. Those that wish to follow me on Facebook please click here or use this link:

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Indie Author Tiffany

I am an independent author looking to start her writing career with electronic books focused on the Fantasy genre.  Sometimes I may put a bit of romance in my ebooks but the main focus is still Fantasy.  I could write complementary  historical, urban, or medieval fantasy.  There is no telling what my first book will be about  at the […]

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