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09/19/2015 Researching and Instagram

Hello everyone. I am currently researching the ocean in great detail.  The majority of my electronic book takes place under the sea and on the beach.  I hope to restart the world building process during the last week of this month. I also have an Instagram.  My Instagram is Thank you for reading.

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Drawing A Map Really Helped

I am decent at drawing people but I am not good at drawing scenery, let alone maps.  The exercise for 30 Days of Worldbuilding required me to draw a map.   The map helped me think of where the resources for my fantasy world was set.  Where the humans can cut down trees, run into merpeople, or […]

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Changing Names Around

Thanks to this page, I was started changing the names around for my current ebook named Golden Sharks.  The world building page guide gives detail on mood and culture.  I originally gave my characters all Greek names, then I only gave the mermaids Greek names.  When the setting was no longer in modern day Earth, I […]

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30 Days of World Building by Stephanie Bryant

        I like how building my fantasy world can help me figure out the politics, economy, etc of my fantasy world.  What stopped my writing process with some drafts was whenever I pondered about name of the god my protagonist was worshiping and why was the god so important to his world. […]

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I’m Not Sure About Joining Another Challenge. This Month…

I think I have way too many rough drafts to work on this year and to the next year.  I need to publish a few electronic books before I go on and make a new first draft.  I hope I can finish one or two before next November.  I did like Nanowrimo but the challenge […]

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World Building and Researching Part 1

Researching In addition to finishing my first rough draft for my story, I have started world building.  One of my first posts on this website discussed that the setting of my story will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the United States.  Although I have lived near that area since 1993, there is still a […]

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